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Is it common for the fiberglass on the passenger side front fender just under the edge of the hood to crack ?

How do I tell if a 1965 was an original 396 425 horse car (coupe)?

Am I correct that there were only approximately 700 1965 big block coupes made ?
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phlathead 49,

I have been looking at some stuff today and all I can say is "beats me". I can find total '65 396 production and coupe production. The '65 coupe is the rarest of all the mid year coupes. I'm not sure if the F40 suspension was available with a small block or not. Usually you would just say to look for a rear sway bar as they only came on big blocks but I'm not sure on the '65.

If you aren't an NCRS member it would be a good idea. Especially if you have a real '65 396 coupe and want to restore it. I would suggest going to www.ncrs.org and asking these questions on the Technical Board. You will get the right answers from very nice and interested people that know these 396 cars inside and out.

Keep us posted.



Got some good info over there. One thing about the NCRS, with over 34,000 members if you have a restoration question somebody has been there/done that and knows the right answer. Those that are interested in what Chris found out click on this http://www.ncrs.org/forum/tech.cgi and page down to the thread "396/425horsepower coupe".

I also am new around here, but I have a '65 that has been in my family for years. I remember my sister complaining that the front fenders developed cracks just above the wheel wells, so she bought narrow rims and tires, and had some bodywork done. Now, 15 years later, I get the car and the cracks are back. I will not get into any body work or rebuilding until this winter, so I cannot intelligently guess at the cause.
I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

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