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Radar Detector

Jan 13, 2002
'02Torch Red Coupe - sold
Time has come for a radar detector. The $1,000,000 question: Valentine 1 or Escort 8500?? About a $100 difference in price; $399 for V1 vs. $299 Escort. Can you "hardwire" both or only V1? How difficult is it to do? I tried to look up some info under the search heading, didn't find anything?! :confused

I'm sure I will have as many opinions as responses:bu
I have my 7500 hardwired . I don't know why you couldn't do an 8500 . Just have to tuck the wires into the windshield trim and romove the post trim . Then run wires down to the optional wires under the pass. side foot board . There's a positive a negative and a switched positive down there to use for any accessories . It takes about a half hour . Cliff
Thanks Cliff. Sounds like hardwire isn't too difficult! Is removing trim panels simple? Obviously, I have not attempted.
Yes , to remove the trim on the post you just grab it with both hands and pull it off , rolling it slightly towards the center of the car . The trim along the door sill is attached the same way . Use a little more caution with this one . It's all really simple . Cliff P.S. you don't need to remove the upper horizontal windshield trim . Just tuck the wires in .

I've had a Valentine One in both of my C5's. Saved me more times than I can count. And knowing both the number of radar sources, and the direction their coming from IS important, despite what Escort says (e.g. did you know you can ignore sources from the side and almost always from the rear??)

The nice thing about the V1 is that they have a remote display option that fits PERFECTLY in the C5's ashtray, and makes for a very professional looking installation. This keeps the "light show" out of the prying eyes of other cars who will want to tail you as their "protection" and the eyes of police who may frown upon the fact that you have one of these devices. Although I run the wires around the A pillar, under the sill, behind the driver's seat and into the power outlet in the center console, (which I have to do for reasons more related to living in Virginia (where they REALLY frown on these things), people living elsewhere should probably hardwire it.

The remote display works with both the portable wiring and hardwiring options.

Good luck!

You may want to check out Rob's recent post on radar detector performance results. You may be surprised.

Michael and Carlo: Thanks for the comments. I am leaning towards spending the extra $100 for V1. I also think the only way to go is hardwire.
Carlo, I will look at the recent thread, however when I did a search prior to starting this thread, I couldn't find anything under search?!. :confused :dance

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