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Rare Dark Purple Metallic ZR-1 F/S

Hib Halverson

Technical Writer for Internet & Print Media
Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
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This ain't no driver. Not a waxer either.

Just a good looking, nice driving, great running, one-owner '95 with a bit of a story behind it. So here goes....

For Sale: 1995 ZR-1. The 140-th of 448 built in the final year of production. Painted Dark Purple Metallic. Only 25 ZR-1s, out of the 6925 sold in six-years of production were painted "DPM" making it the rarest of all ZR-1 colors. The interior is black and the car only has a painted top.

Under the hood is a modified, 500-hp, 350-cuin, four-bolt LT5. Build sheet, window sticker, Owner's Manual, Factory Service Manual, service records, oil analysis records and numerous other documents included. Never wrecked. No CarFax. Passes the California Smog Check.

Price SOLD
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May be time to consider letting Barrett-Jackson auction it for you.

I wonder how much they charge for running a car across the stage?
$68,553 for 1 here in NJ,tad over 1k miles.
Number 217 has also been validated as a " Double Dunn Head" ZR-1,
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Barney just sold a few days ago at the Barrett Jackson Northeast Auction. The sale price with the buyers premium was $17,500.00 . There was another red 90 ZR1 with ZR1 graphics across the left drivers back of the car and it didn't do much better. Both cars had a few miles on them. The red one was in the 40K mile area. Someone got a great deal on a couple nice cars. I hope they drive and enjoy them.

Barney hammered for 17,500?!

That's less than what I sold the car for in 2016. It's just a shame that C4 ZR1 prices have not moved much in recent years.
Not just ZR1's. There was a low mileage Callaway convertible that only went for around $11,000.00 . C4 prices continue to be on the low side. There are plenty of low mileage C4's to be had. The market is full of low mileage examples in just about all years of C4 production. The truth is the C5's don't look much better. You can get yourself a nice C4, C5, or C6 for not a lot of money. Prices are higher though for a low mileage C6 Z06 or ZR1 though.
Rare,over used IMHO. Means only 25 people actually liked this color.

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