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Rear Window Insert HELP Needed

C3Vette Lady

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Jan 23, 2001
San Jose, California
1981 Red Coupe, 1973 Big BlockStingray
My '81 came with a rear window insert to protect the back from sun damage. It was stored for 8 years and there are dead bugs between the insert and the window and I need to remove it to clean. Does anyone know how to get it out without damaging it? There's no hardware holding it in. The catalogue that sells these says no special tools required. So far everything plastic I have attempted to remove has crumbled in my hands (dome light for example). Thanks for any suggestions offered!
Lanelle, I don't know abot this one. But, I think that thing has to bend to be installed, therefore has to bend to take out. You might try removing the rear window reveals(the black trim around the bottom)this may give you a little more room to work. What ever you do wear gloves and saftey glasses when trying to do this, because I'm afarid it may break.....Maybe someone has a better answer later.........Good luck.....Steve
I have never run acrossed a protector like you describe. ssvett's suggestion is a good one I think. You might break it where it has been exposed to the sun for a long period of time. So before you start, think about how important cleaning it might be. My '81 has the window tint applied directly to the glass which may be another option to you if you destroy the insert that you presently have.

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Easy Does It

C3Vette Lady,

I have exactly what you are talking about :cool:
It is a plexa glass cut formed sun screen. It pops into place and pops out.

I don't remove the molding around the window, what I do is use an offset screw driver and in the corner in back of the passager seat side, just insert the offset screwdriver and pop out the corner, then laying on my back I FLEX the plastic glass untl I can get both sides and Flex it out.

Be real careful cleaning the plastic some products will give it a milky color and use a soft cloth, because it scratch very easy.

To re-insert, I lay on my back FLEX the plastic and get the back up and in the one side at a time. You can even put a logo on the plastic :) in the back on the side next to the window. It is really quite simple, I've probably made it sound harder than it is ;)

Good Luck
Bud, Actually your directions were very clear! I will try it the next "dry" day we have here. Glad you have one so you know exactly what I am talking about! How long have you had yours? Guess I am trying to figure out what my chances are of NOT having it crack. Do you leave yours in year-round or take it out in the winter? My back carpets aren't faded, so it must work for keeping the sun out. I guess I better follow Steve's advice and wear safety glasses just in case. If it cracks, I will just get it done permanently like Dale suggested. Wish me luck and thanks for the advice guys!
just read about your rear window insert.
a product (cleaner) called fantastic i am told
WILL fog plastic. do not use it.

i have just seen these insert's in corvette central
page A15
looks like could be same one.
I am curious, does your plastic rear-window inserts rattle? I ordered one and installed it, but was unhappy with the fit and the rattling while driving. I removed it and returned it to supplier! As to fit, it had about an eighth to a quarter inch gap around the edges of the window. As a result, it didn't fit well and rattled or vibrated while driving! My vette is an 82 coupe. Does yours do the same, fit the same?

I had one in my 1980 years ago and now have one in my '81 and I do not get any rattle noises. I really like the way it fits and how it helps cut down on the heat in the cabin.


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