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Repairing Light Cracks In Dash



Anyone have any good ideas for repairing light cracks in the vinyl on the dash? Mines oyster color... So far I took some white silicone caulk, mixed a little off white color in there, filled it, and you cant see where I repaired it but I dont know if thats going to last long. I figured that I'd try it because their was no way I could make it worse but it worked Temporarily.....

i got rid of mine,went to corvette america and bought a dash cover,120.00 and you can't even tell it unless you are looking.even has the speaker grilles. it is on page 90 of their new catalog,,,,,,,,,,,,there are places that will come out and repair your dash,we have dr.vinyl here and he does a pretty good job.just check them out before you do......joe:TALK

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