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replace stock rams horn exhaust manifolds


K Leitzel

Hello everybody. I've been looking at my ugly, rusting stock rams horn exhaust manifolds and wondering if I should replace them? How can I tell if they should be replaced? If I decide to replace them any thoughts as to sticking with rams horn manifolds or switching to headers? Thanks!

1972 stock 350 with 41,900 original miles
Nice car K.

Replacing the ramshorns is mostly a matter of what you want out of the car. If you're most interested in keeping the car original, I would pull off the manifolds and send them to a company like Jet Hot to have them blasted and ceramic coated. They have coatings that replicate cast iron and would look more or less original. They shouldn't rust up again in the foreseeable future. If your manifolds are cracked and leak (should be able to tell by sound) or you want some performance gains, then headers might be a good option. Just hang on to your original parts as they are valuable. Keep in mind that going to headers will require modification (or replacement) of your exhaust. I have put the manifolds from my 72 in a box and replaced them with ceramic coated headers. Good Luck.

Beautiful 72!

Hi KL,
I had such an awful experience with header gaskets on my college Camaro that I prefer to steer clear.
However: I've been told that gasket technology has improved, header manufacturing techniques and coatings help considerably and the resonant sound you get from headers is undeniably one of the biggest grin-factors around! :D Many members of this forum have modified their 'Vettes, have headers and encounter no problems.
Everyone has their own opinion but I think this is a personal choice...I think you should do what you want. Perhaps hang on to the pieces you remove so in the future you have the option of returning the vehicle to original.


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