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Running VIN numbers??



Does anyone know of a web site that helps breakdown "the how to decode VIN #'s for 68 to 82 Vettes??"
Running VIN


Sorry I don't know a lot about running VIN numbers, usually I use the Corvette Black Book that I purchase from the NCM Store, that gets me pretty close. :) There are some guys here that can get you right on the money with the VIN numbers though.

I just wanted to welcome you to CAC! There are a lot of really nice and knowledgeable people here. I hope you enjoy using the site. :s I've found I spend a lot of time here lately. Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day.:w

Check out our Specification pages. Click the link in the upper right hand corner. Some of the specification pages are done for the '68-'82 models. The 1980 model year is complete if your looking for VIN information on your Vette.
BLKVET said:
Does anyone know of a web site that helps breakdown "the how to decode VIN #'s for 68 to 82 Vettes??"

Give this a try www.vettesite.com/vin.asp

And Above all else.. Welcome to The Corvette Action Center enjoy.. ;)

BLKVET...Welcome to the CAC,and will probably see you around town.

Hello Ed,
I believe we have met, I own the black 80 that stopped by last summer.
Thank you to all for your imput! I did find the information I needed on my 1980. I am also thinking about buying a 1968 big block so if anyone has any suggestions on running VIN #'s for this year I will take any suggestions. Once again thanks for welcoming me to the site, it's a great site!!
'68 ser #


'65-'71 serial #s are set up the same. Here is a sample # for a '68 ser # 1:


"1" is for Chevrolet
"9" is for Corvette
"4" is for V8 engine
"67" is for convertible ("37" would be coupe)
"8" the sixth digit is the last digit of the model year
"S" is for St. Louis assembly
The last 6 are the build sequence number

There you are. Have fun.

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