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Scratches in the removable top-how to remove?



My 1991 plastic targa top has some scratches. Most are surface but one is fairly deep. A detailing shop advises me that they can polish out the small ones but the deepest one will probably remain.

Before I have it polished I would like any advice anyone might have about this process. If there is a better way to remove the scratches, except the $500 refurbishing process, I would appreciate the advice.

Thank you!
The surface on mine started to crack and peel off. I asked the folks at the local GM shop and was told the plastic roof was covered with clear coat. Some of the folks had the clear stripped off or wet sanded with very fine sand paper and coated again with clear coat....
I am waiting till it is garage time for mine till I remove the roof and try that. Just an idea....
I didn't get the scratches out but you can hardly tell they're there. I use 303 Protectant and put on a good coat, let it set for about 10 minutes and wipe off the excess. Works great, hides the scratches, gives the top a great gloss and is a heckuva lot less expensive than sanding and recoating. Do it each time you wash the car and it not only will look good but will also protect the fiberglass as well.
roof panel peeling

Does anyone have a good fix for this problem? The roof looks like it has a skin disease. The clear coat (top layer of the laminate) has peeled spots all over the surface. I pushed GM for a suggestion but they said they'd never heard of it - yeah, sure.
has the right answer. I just went through this with my mom's car.
Once the clearcoat starts going, you can either strip it off with REALLY fine sand paper, preferably wet, and re-clearcoat; or you can have it repainted. Of course, a good paint shop will sand it to get a good surface anyway.

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