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security system problem



Does anyone have any info on the security system .I have an aftermarket alarm with keyless entry any power hatch open .My security light on the dash stopped flashing and there is a clicking noise comming from under the dash by the radio it sounds like a ssilonod or somthing ust wondering if anyone has come across this problem .

Definetely something wrong there. Does the alarm work? Try rolling the window down then closing the door. walk away from the car to see if it automatically arms itself. It should. Then set the keys down away from the car, walk toward the car and open the door by sticking your hand through the open window and manually unlocking and openning the door. The alarm should go off. If none of this works, take it to the dealer.


Hi there,
If you turn your ingition on, do you get a SYS on your digital display??
Please remember, that your CCM has 3 fuses, and it controls all security features within your vehicle, so I would check your fuses, and then if you get a SYS on your dash.
Please keep us posted on this issue, c4c5
I found the problem after readng mitchell I feel kinda dumb but i forgot how to disarm and arm the factory alarm because i have not used it in a while and all i need to do was put the key in the door and disactivate it but i forgot to tell u guys that i think i broke the horn contact inside the coloum when i changed the igition switch and my high horn is broken and the low works some times i guess there is a relay in the ceter of dash thats what i heard but i did not look at the wiring diragram .But it is fixed now so thanks for all your input.

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