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Shocks, Swaybars, Exhaust and PLII installed this week...lowered too...LOVE IT!!!

Mean In Green

Apr 5, 2002
Burlington, MA
1998 Fairway Green Metallic/Light Oak A4 Coupe
Well, I got my car back Wednesday night from having the swaybars, shocks & exhaust installed and I had them lower it too (maximum without cutting). When I got home I loaded the PLII and took it for another ride. Unbelievable!!! With all the mods I've done, the car handles like it should, sounds like it should, performs like it should, and looks like it should! Seriously, the PLII is incredible. Let's just say that my frustration about the "relearn period" I was supposed to endure before feeling the results of the Vortex Rammer I installed last weekend have been alleviated. I honestly can't believe how the car drives now. It's like night and day. I was shocked the first time I got on it a little after installing the PLII (maybe 1/2 throttle) and it chirped 2nd quite nicely. I couldn't imagine what it would do at WOT (I hadn't really had the opportunity yet...too much traffic and not enough space)! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that! The ride is a little rougher with the new shocks, but I couldn't care less. It handles like it's on rails now with the Bilstein/Hotchkis combo, as it should. I love it! I had a technician by the name of Mike Mclard at Tom Chevrolet in Norwood, MA (Rt. 1 the Automile) install the sways, shocks, exhaust and perform the lowering. He did a SUPERB job. No squeaking, clunking or clanking coming from the end-links as some have complained of. I highly recommend him. He's a good guy. Ah, and the Corsa Indys w/GTR tips & Corsa X-pipe...music to my ears I love the look and sound of the system! It's true what they say...it sounds kick-ass at WOT, but it's whisper quiet while cruising. A lot different from the Borlas I had on my Z28. I am one happy customer right now!

All right! Sounds like a blast!
Pics of the 'new and improved' coming soon?
I don't have a digital camera unfortunately, but I plan on getting some photos developed and put onto a disk...so hopefully soon!

Mean In Green
sounds great!!!

I love to here a happy ending . Sounds like you got a neat ride there!! :_rock
pics..pics..we need pics.

don't you just love that Zaino!

Ok! Ok! I'm workin' on the pics! :D And yes, Zaino is AMAZING! Love it!

Mean In Green

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