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Sticky steering wheel air bag cover fix

WLS Ruby 93

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Jul 30, 2008
1998 Torch Red Coupe
After reading several posts concerning our sticky air bag covers, I tried several suggested products with no success. I decided to try Lacquer thinner. Not being sure of the outcome I used it on an inconspicuous area of the cover and it was working great.

The trick is to keep the rag, in this case a microfiber towel, wet as I rubbed the gummy residue off turning the towel often so as not to re-introduce the residue back on to the cover. After I finished the entire cover I went back with an old cotton T-shirt and gave it a final wipe down with the lacquer thinner.

The expected matte black finish is formed when the residue is removed.

Once I removed all of the gummy residue the wheel was allowed to dry for 15 minutes.

To bring back the glossy black shine of the cover I used Maguiar's Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer.

First image of the wheel shows the finish as I removed the residue.

Second image of the wheel shows Maguiar's applied on the left side and matte finish on the right.

It came out really good with no gummy feel to the cover.

Hope this helps.

Chemicals used RS.jpg Steering 1 RS.jpg Steering 2 RS.jpg

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