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Stop the heat!!



I have a 71 roadster. I can have the heat and a/c controls turned off but when I am moving I have heat at my feet! Only seem to notice it when I am moving.

Help so I can drive with my socks and shoes on again!

Welcome to owning a C3, I think they all do that. What you need is a heat barrier kit, just about any Corvette retailer sells them, or you could find it in a local speed shop. It is a thin layer with a foil like covering that you put under your carpet, foil side down of course. Also, the only other thing I could think to check is the heater box door, it's a real you know what to get at but looking at mine today since my motor is out and the AC/heater box is off I could see that an old one might not seal all that well. Hope that made some sense.
Ditto Scott81. Get use to it. One other thing to check is the vacuum actuated valve in the heater hose line that is suppose to shut off flow to the heater core. It fails over time allowing hot water to circulate thru the heater box. I yanked that old valve out, installed a manual shutoff valve and cooled my interior bigtime. I open the valve in the winter and close it during the summer. This is a common yet "bubba" fix. You can replace the factory valve for about $35.00 or install the manual for about $5.00.



I have headers on my 81 which throw even more heat. I installed insulating header wrap last summer and it made a big difference.
Is the console getting hot also? Sounds like you have a torn lower shifter boot.
I found yet another source for heat entry into the cabin. While realigning the steering column to the steering gear, I noticed that there is old, worn insulation of some type at the base of the steering column. Its at the junction of the floorboard located behind the lower column plate. This plate can move around to help align the column. Anyway, its suppose to be insulated. I can tell you that this stuff dry-rots over time. I think I may use some type of thermal barrier here. I've also concluded that there is probably about 20+ entry points for hot air. If you look at all the grommets and boot covers and other old insulation etc... there are a lot of potential locations for air to pass thru and into the cabin. Thank goodness I have a vert, the best way to vent a vette :D


I noticed that after I had the Flowmasters installed, the amount of heat entering the cabin reduced drastically. I'm guessing it's because the better air flow reduces how hot the exhaust manifold gets?

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