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I'm completing an add on of a three car garage to my house and have a question. The single car section is a seperate room that has Central heat and air.

What is the right temp and Humidity to help preserve the car?

Good question, although I'm not sure there really is a desired heat and humidity for storage. If you haven't already done so, take a look at http://corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/care/storage.html

If you do find out what the ideal levels are, let me know and I'll update our storage article here on the site.
I will take a look at it.

Are you saying not to heat it in the winter??? I was thinking like 75 year round with humidity under 50%???
The temperature isn't as important as the humidity level, most of which migrates up through the concrete floor. When I built my new home, in the garage I laid a heavy poly moisture barrier on the soil, then laid 4'x 8' sheets of 1-1/2" thick high-density closed-cell foam with heavy foil on both sides over the poly, then mesh and rod, and poured the floor over that. After the concrete cured, I had HomePro Floors ( www.homeprofloors.com ) come in and steel shot-blast the concrete and apply two separate coats of poured-and-spread industrial 2-part epoxy resin to permanently seal the surface. Result - absolutely indestructible smooth surface that's always warm and dry, impervious to any automotive chemicals, hot tires won't mark or lift it, super-easy to keep clean, and it just about doubles lighting effectiveness in the garage due to its light color and reflectivity. The foam sheets are about 25 cents per sq. ft., and the epoxy floor was about $1.82/sq.ft. installed. Looks like a dealer's showroom floor, and it's DRY.

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