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Jan 18, 2004
1970 Bridgehampton Blue Convertible
Hi everyone,
Did the LT-1 come with a special suspension package?
If it did, what are the spring rates?
What about the swaybars?
Wolf........ There was a special suspension available for both the LT-1 & big block cars in the form of the ZR1 & ZR2 packages (very few produced). In the LT-1 ZR-1 package it lists a rear sway bar in the package, but I recall information advising that not all of the ZR-1 cars have a rear sway bar.
The spring rates for the LT-1:

Std springs - 250/264 Code: "HS"

The F41 special suspension: 550 Code: "EA"
Thanks for the info.
I just bought the car and the suspension is very very hard.
The only thing I know, it has the HD rear leaf spring installed and no rear sway bar.
Was the LT-1 always sprung a bit harder that the other Corvettes, or did they all (1970) come of the production line with the same springs?
I'm trying to find out what is original and what is not on the car. I have no history before 1989 when it was imported to Europe from CA
'70 LT-1
All LT-1's in 1970 and 1972 should have come with the standard suspension for a small block, 3/4 inch front sway bar, no rear bar, and 9 leaf rear spring. All ZR-1s, 70-72, should have F-41 heavy duty suspension with 15/16 inch front sway bar and 7 leaf rear spring. 71 LT-1s could have come with standard suspension or F-41. F-41 was an option that could be orderd on any car in 71. In 70 and 72, only ZR-1s came with F-41.

What is the spring rate of the HD rear leaf spring?

'70 LT1
Wolf, welcome to the site and please ask more questions as I am new to this whole LT1 issue myself. What part of France? Regards, Mike.
I live in the Paris area.
The car is currently being mildly restored in England. Restoration is mostly of the mechanical kind.
The car will be registered in Germany.
It is a matching numbers, blue exterior and blue interior white top covertible.
'70 LT-1

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