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The power of steering



Im having an issue with my power steering department on my 85'. I changed the fluid as the old was gray and muddy thick, and ever since it has been hard to turn the wheel at a cretain points. I can hear the pump making a slight noise when I turn the wheel at idle. As I am driving and changing lanes it gets to a certain point and jerks suddenly, both left and right. After I get home it is nearly hard to turn the wheel at idle. I checked the rack to see if it was loose and it was so I tightened and still same problem. Why would this be happening just from changing the fluid? You would think it would help not make it worse. Any help would be appreciated on this matter. Thanks


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Jan 23, 2007
Millersville, MD
1979 L-48 Black Coupe
Hi Jack, Sounds like the pump sucked up some crud and sludge or maybe there is air in the system. Just guesses at this point. Hopefully someone will chime in with a valid reference point to start with. Hope it does not mean a new power steering pump!!! See you later.

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