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Sitting in the boxs in my office: New mounted seats from ecklers..blue leather. New door panels, new carpet, new glass t-tops and locks, new emergency brake cover,heat shield kit, speaker system, kenwood MP3 Cd player, Rear window louvers,new sears security battery. Have just renewed the seat frames, rails, all good door hardware with interior paint..looks great. Now to install the above and inside of my 79 will be complete!Ordered a great pewter crystal ball shift knob from flameball.com.,,will send pic's after the install is complete..Hope it was worth the $$$ I spent.....
Your interior project.

catfish, I know the work you've got in store for you, but it's gonna be great when it's done! :D

Please do post pictures when it's complete.


Did you purchase the complete seat kit? (i.e. new foam, new material, pans ...etc) I need to replace the seats in my '81 this year and I'd love to know your opinion of the Eckler's product. Especially if (I assume) you got the Leather or Leather-Like materials. Definitely post pictures when you're done.

Good luck. Don't hesitate to ask for help. There's plenty here.

........ Nut
So your the reason Spring hasn't sprung in the North east :L The nice weather is waiting for you to complete your project. Get them goodies installed AND enjoy many Spring Cruisings. :w GOOD LUCK CATFISH.:cool:
working on it now.

The heat shield is completed and the new carpet is down. I installed a rear speaker bar in the back and now have to wait on a tool I ordered. I'm putting in a Kenwood MP3 player/CD-ROm unit and I ordered a Rotozip to use to cut the gauge console with to install it. I'll post some pics when I'm done!
Go to it and get that new interior in that 79. What kind of heat shield did you install???
When I pulled the capet out there was factory shield down. I put in the heat shield kit from ecklers and used some sound dampening material I got from a local Audio store.
Heat Barrier...

catfish, I used that stuff from Corvette Central. It may keep the temp down, but there sure isn't much to it, is there? I was very disappointed considering the cost ($134.95).

In addition to the barrier from CC, I installed some stuff from Eastwood that is very similar to Dynamat, but less expensive (see attachment), and much less expensive than that stuff from the Vette suppliers. :cool:


BTW, you're going to be amazed at the difference! Mine is so quiet now, it seems like new. :D
Is that carpet glued down ? I would like to reuse my carpet. What kind of heat shield was factory installed?My feet sure do get hot.
my carpet was not glued ..it came right up..
The carpet is in! The seats are bolted back down. The Kenwood MP3 player is mounted..not hooked up yet.
The new door panels are on..they look great and match my old dash perfectly. My rear window louvers will be here tommorow via fedex and I'm about ready to roll her out in the snow covered drive way and fire her up for a cruise. SOme odds and ends in the interior to finish but it's almost ready to roll!
Sounds like a blast! I second Ken's request for pictures! How else are we going to be able to gawk and drool over you car?:D


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