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This may sound dumb....



I noticed that my carpet was a tad bit damp when it was raining, sooo we replaced all the weatherstripping (that was needed anyway) and still the carpet was wet, so I crawled underneath and there was a perfectly round quarter sized hole in the passenger floor pan, looked on the drivers side and there was a hole there but with a rubber stop in it. Are there more of these hidden that I need to look for? And why are they there, just to frustrate the frustrateable?:drink

I have a white 1980 and i replaced the carpeting due to age.. i didn't notice any plugs.
cold, wet feet

I notice that my driver side floorboard gets soaked when it rains. I can also feel an occasional 'drop' on my L ankle, so I think the water is coming in from somewhere up above. Just had the 78 painted, so all weatherstripping is new and the windshield was reset. I've also had this drip problem since before she was painted. I'd like to know what I can do to fix this...
Re: cold, wet feet

78SilvAnniv said:
I'd like to know what I can do to fix this...

Don't drive in the rain... :L

It's like the guy that goes to the dr. and says "Hey doc, it hurts when I do this", so the doc says "Well, don't do that".

I try not to drive in the rain right now because I need new weatherstripping, so I get dripped on right in my LAP! :eek

Barb :w
lady80 said:
...I crawled underneath and there was a perfectly round quarter sized hole in the passenger floor pan, looked on the drivers side and there was a hole there but with a rubber stop in it. Are there more of these hidden that I need to look for?

Lady80, the holes in the floor panels are there from the factory (virtually all cars have them) and should be closed-off with the caps like you found on the driver's side.

You'll have to find out just why they are there in the first place from someone else; I don't know why they use 'em. :confused
I found those two holes when I was rust proofing the floors with ospho. Here the guy that owned it before me took some RTV, smeared it on a beer coater (Cork) and laid them over the top of the holes!!
Not dumb


Well, all I can say aabout a leak is..................................
Welcome to the world of having a corvette.:beer I have not been in one or owned one that has not leaked at sometime. The bad part is when you can't find the leak.:confused

But now I am so used to geting wet, I just carry some extra plastic bags and fill in where ever there is a drip as we go down the highway.:L

yellow 81
copr/princess :Twist
Doc says "Don't do that anymore"

Hubby laughed so hard he fell off the couch! But I can't not drive her when it rains, she's my daily driver! My t-tops used to leak until we replaced the weatherstripping...I drove with a towel across my lap and a squeegee to help the defroster with the moisture on the windshield!
The drip on your ankle and wet drivers floor is probably comming from the cowl area where the wipers are....this is how I fixed one I took some roofing tar and poured some into the cowl area so it would flow into the seams down there and the leak stopped...use non fibered type and don't go crazy with it

Phoenix is absolutely right. Our '81 came from the factory with what looks like a roofing tar repair around the right wiper transmission. After a few years the tar cracked and we had a leak . I got some rubberized rustproofing in a spray can with the plastic tube on it and carefyfully sprayed it into the cracks so as not to alter GM's artwork. :eyerole Hasn't leaked in the last 10 years.

I`ve got the same holes in my floor, I suspect they are there to let you drain the water out after a good rain storm :L

I have had 4 TransAm`s & 3 Camaro`s and one other Vette all with t-tops, every one of them leaked like a sieve when parked up in heavy rain, I even replaced the rubbers on one, at no small cost, and it still leaked.

wet rugs

First, dont drive in the rain. Second, wash the car from under the windows down. I dont wet my t-tops or the side windows. They dont ge very dirty anyway.
Okay, check this out. My seatbelt gets wet when it rains, and I am talking about the part that is not exposed! What is that one about.

I have one drip that comes from the cowl area and drips on my ankle while driving, but the other annoying leak is at the back of the driver's side t-top, and it leaks onto the seatbet and drips down, either to the floorboard or onto my lap, depending on where the seatbelt is at the time.
I think my t-top/sealtbelt fix will be easy when we re-set the driver's window, as it leans forward just a bit.
Seatbelts will be getting replaced this summer.
Trixie, where is the 'unexposed' seatbelt getting wet at? Where it is housed when it retracts?
I have taken to parking (if I know it may rain) and pulling both seat backs forward and draping thick bath towels over the area where I know the leaks will come in. If the rain hasn't been too hard or too long, the towels usually take most of the moisture, and I dry them and place them back in the 78 for the next rain.
Wet carpets

Silver, Doesn't that wet carpet get a bit moldy smelling after a while.Water leaks drive me crazy.I've removed the interior on 2 of my daily drivers in the past to fix leaks.I sure hope you get that remedied soon.I hate to say it but my corvette has not seen a drop of water in at least 2 years.For all I know it could leak too.:eek:
Not moldy yet...

...but since we've moved to the humid south (from the dry west coast) I know it is something to be concerned about.
Kenny said we'd be doing the interior soon, and we will need to fix these leaks before I will allow a new interior into the vette.

So its not just mine :)

Mine forms puddles under the floor mats. I thought it might be the windshield, but I have a new idea now. The doors. (not the rock band) .

When I opened the drivers door the door sill was wet as was the underside of the door. The outside of the car was dry.

I've seen other cars with similar problems. Where water collects inside the door, then rusts out the bottom of the door skin. Those cars had "holes" at the bottom which were supposed to drain any water build up, but they were clogged.

I might find out for sure soon enough. The drivers door panel came loose while on a tow truck.

Rain? What the heck is that? We don't get much of that stuff round here...

(Not to mention that funny white stuff -- ain't never seen that in many mooons either!)
Ok, if I have time this weekend I'll have time to take some pictures and show you guys where and how to fix some of the leaks you have. I've successfully fixed most....notice I said most and not all of my leaks. I'm beginning to think it's impossible to fix them all. The worst one for me is the one at the top corner of the windshield that leaks on your legs when driving in hard rain....which will no longer happen after draining my bank account buying shiny parts :D

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