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I know this is getting anoying but i was checking my timing again the other day and its coming in at like 4 atdc, and i cant turn my distributor any more to make it go up.

Whats up with that is there something wrong with my spark plugs or my wires.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, also when i floor it the car picks up and the looses its power after a few seconds. and goes back into a normal cruise. this things supposed to have some balls right.
Just a guess.

Not sure if the distributor drive has a gear on the bottom or not. however, if so, that's where I'd begin .. it's likely one tooth out of whack!
Move your wires conter-clockwise one terminal. You will have to retard the distributor to set the timing. Set it at 12 degrees btdc.
There is a very specific procedure for installation of a distributor in order that the distributor gear meshes with the cam while the rotor is properly aligned with #1.
A great description with pictures is in a book called "Rebuiling a Small Block Chevy"
I'll see if I can scan it and post it here.

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