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Totally impressed driving this car in rain

Rat Race

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Nov 18, 2005
North Jersey
Well I really didnt want to do it, but can you believe we ran out of room for large presents in my kids rented Trail Blazer, and I saw that the back of my car would swallow them up easily, and i havent washed my car yet, and its only been out of the garage on dry days, but I told myself dude youll clean the damn thing, I volunteered to take my car up to my daughters house, and play Santa. whew

She lives in a dyanamite little section of northwest Jersey with alot of tight winding roads near the ski slopes that we have here. (If you can believe that) Yeah its true, and theyre not built on a dump. All natural, I swear.

Anyway, I took the winding route, its was raining all night before and there's been no salt on the ground for a few weeks so i figured it was fairly safe to drive, with out messing my car up too much.

After i got over the shock of rain on the bodywork, I drove as usual.

When i got up into the twisties part, I noticed how planted this car felt with no perceptible difference than driving on a dry road, other than the plink plink of drops hitting the plastic top. And you dont hear that at all unless your going slow.

But thats it- This car nevers fails to amaze me- It is both practical as well as beautiful. I cant say enough about it! EVERYBODY looks at this car, and Im always getting a thumbs up. And when I say practical, it is precisley because of the fact that it delivers you and your cargo in comfort and confidance, something that because a car does not seat 4 and a dozen little leaquers is a word not used to decribe Corvettes. Sorry, but accident avoidance and the ability to steer clear and get the hell out of the way constitutes practicality in my book.

So to anyone that wont drive your Vette in the rain, let me say Im with ya, but boy if you do is it capable.
Great to hear! Sounds like the new generation of runflats are an improvement.
Rain is just the norm here in Washington. If I never drive in rain I'd never get to drive it at all. So I look at rain like an out door car wash :eyerole

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