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trailer hitch on a Corvette?

From the '81 owners manual

The car is designed and intended to be used mainly to carry people. Towing a trailer will affect handling, durability and economy. The maximum loaded trailer weight you can pull with your vehicle depends on what special equipment has been installed on it. We do not recommend any trailer more than 1000 lbs gross trailer weight unless your vehicle has the required equipment.

Nut's ride actually had a trailer hitch installed at one point!!


Have thought about a hitch

Hi Silver,
We thought about getting a hhtich installed on one of the vettes, that is when we had two, just to haul the harley to special events. :love But didn't think it would really make for a good ride. We found one for the 81 but then decided not to do it.:confused As for the 94 we had, we would have had to get one special made.:eyerole So for us hitches have been declined.

yellow 81

And yes, Yoda. I do come in here once in a while.:Twist
Can anyone verify how a factory hitch was installed? I have been unable to locate any information from manuals or techies that I have spoken to; no one really knows or has seen one.

Anyone know where to look or talk to for infromation on this?:crazy

I have the OEM hitch installed on mine. It attaches to the bumper mounts. I posted a picture here awhile back when someone else made an inauiry. Do a search and see if you can find it. If not, let me know if you would like one and I'll post another.


I did a search on "trailer" and "hitch". No luck finding the post / photo.

If it isn't a problem, can you upload another photo? :D

Hitch in time...

Yes, Heidi, the ole Nut has a trailer hitch on the '81. It is an aftermarket hitch and not an OEM version. It was welded to the rear frame members but the idiot that did it apparently didn' THINK to lower it a lousy 3/4" and clear my rear license plate opening in the rear bumper and the moron poked it through the rear bumper shroud. The original owner used to tow a pair SeaDoo's on a small single axle trailer with it. Darn shame he wouldn't sell me those too. He had them painted the same custom color the car is painted.

I have not attached anything to it in the last 10 years. It does attract a lot of attention when someone notices it.

............ Nut
Yep someone installed one on my vette before I got it. I did however pull if off as soon as I got the car so no one would see it !! man that should be a crime in all 50 states !!:Steer
In 1978 it was Option ZN1 ;)

:bu :w
Well no one ever said that chevy was perfect.:Buttslap
Why else would they have made the "Chevette"
I guess that goes along with the self washing ashtray option AF7 and the auto ligher option Sp2. Ha HA little joke. :Steer
I thought Kenny was pulling my leg!

I'm glad to know he actually DOES know his stuff! I have to admit, this one sounded pretty far-fetched to me.

I remember when I was in the 6th or 7th grade, we had a creative writing assignment and my story contained a Chevelle.

My teacher "corrected" my essay and changed my Chevelle to a Chevette!!!! When I read her correction, I approached her and pointed out that there is a Chevelle car and that is the vehicle I meant, not a wimpy Chevette! Maybe on her teacher's salary a Chevette was the only car she could afford. Who knows?
I had a hitch on my 69 but I never towed anything with it. It was on there when I bought the car and I left it alone as it was chrome and if I remember right mounted to the bumper. I do remember it was UGLY.
I built one for my 81 Vette and pulled a Hobie 18ft. catamaran with a 16 ft. catamaran on top of that . Total lift weight with the trailer would be over 1000 lbs. tongue weight was about 50 lbs.
I got a lot of looks driving the CA. freeways.
P.S. I was a Hobie dealer and the 81 was my "work car (truck)" for my dealership.
The 74 had one, didnt look stock, but it might have been. Ball hitch, attached by a bar running under the spare tire and another bolted to the frame horozontaly. It's in the scrap metal pile, always ment to offer it for sale on the off chance somebody would want it. You never know. Overall I frown on a hitch on a sporty car, but, eh, whatever.. :)
Looking from center to the passenger side showing the chrome bar from about midpoint to the attachment point. The bar runs across the complete rear bumper, shock bracket to shock bracket and attaches to bracket on both sides.
Speaking of add ons......

I have seen a few Vettes that sport matching trailers. I guess its a gimmicky "theme car" way to do it, but oh well.

I did once see a really small refrigerator on the luggage carrier of a mid 70s Stingray. I bet the weight alone was too much for the rear deck, but the guy went so far as to hook it up to an inverter!


I bet Blackdog would appreciate that fridge modification for his blender juice... long story...:L

All kidding aside, my L81 has the trailer hitch option (ZN1), and I plan to use it for carrying bicycles and the like once I have finish the adapter for it.

When I was single and had no truck it came very handy :beer
Gerry, post pictures of the adapter. I'm planning on changing mine out with a receiver type for a bike rack as well. If you can configure an adapter I would be interested in looking into that as I would prefer to keep the original on the car.

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