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Trick to remove telescoping switch from steering column cover?


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Jul 20, 2005
Scituate, MA
2000 Navy targa
I have to replace my steering column covers because of brittle snapped parts, snaps gone, etc. The only part you can get now is in a shale like color- not gray but not tan either. I don't know why they couldn't come in Black -like the original?? I can deal- just get some good semi gloss black spray paint.

Problem is, how do you get the telescoping button off and out of the lower half of the cover without snipping wires. I traced the wires back a ways, and it looks like they go back to a huge cluster of wires, with no connectors, although I could be wrong on that. The switch itself looks like a challenge to remove from the lower cover too. The manual says "remove switch" - big f'n help!

Any body know the trick here?

Best always,

Painting the GM parts to match...

So the GM replacement part now is molded in SHALE- or that's what it looks like, not gray but not tan either. So I do the painting with satin black Krylon-one step, no primer necessary, thinking it will be duller than semi-gloss. It still is a bit shinier than the rest of the interior. I guess if I give it one pass of flat black- it may look closer. Why would GM make the part in shale any way? I bet that 2003-4 shale interior car had an all black column, and for that matter, I've never seen anything but an all black dash, steering wheel, and column in a C5.

Still waiting on what to do with the telescoping switch. Do you unscrew the tiny screws in the switch itself? Or, is their a very small connector for this switch deep under the dash? Hasn't anybody been there?


Best always,

The Krylon one step stuff worked fine...

Finished it off today. The satin Krylon was just a bit too black and shiny, so I roughed it very lightly with a scrunge. The leather imitation texture of the plastic is forgiving and that looked very good, but other dash pieces still looked a bit duller. So, gave it a very light pass with totally flat black, also the same product. That's perfect, and it dried in no time.

There is a small 4 point connector slightly isolated in deep in the hush panel, with a straight forward connector. c4c5 gave me the tip. Then the switch just goes straight out the side of the lower cover, nothing fancy. All went back together really well, and I found some original Corvette screws that buttoned up the last loose panel, and snugged it all up.

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