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Type F for Dexron?



Recently I purchased and read a book titled "How To Restore & Modify Your Corvette 1968 - 82" by Richard Newton. In it he says an effective way to increase the snap in the shifts is to to drain all of the Dexron from you automatic transmission (including the torque converter) and refill it with Type F . He opposes shift kits as he says they may increase transmission pressures too much for an older transmission. Has anyone tried this? I would like to hear fron anyone with experiences like this or opinions on the subject.

Don't do it.

I had the wonderful experience of working at Jiffy Lube at one time in my life. Anyway, it has been done by accident and it is not pretty.
I went thru my tranny this past winter and installed a B&M tork con. and a shift kit and the instructions with the tork specified either B&M trick shift fluid or type F fluid, anything else would void my warranty. I myself love the shift kit, it holds the shifts up to about 4500rpm with instant shifts!, she'll actually break the tires loose going into second with a 3.08 rearend! Of course, to each thier own. :w
It's been years since I had an automatic in one of my cars but, when I did ( a modified TH350 in my ratty old Malibu), I use ATF-F-type. It did exactly as Richard Newton states: firmed up the shifts
Type "F" was used exclusively for Fords.
It actually has very fine ground egg shells.
It makes for a firmer shift.

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