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Dean B

I am interested in purchasing a 65 Roadster which does have all correct matching numbers and the seller swears it is the original engine. He will put this in writing. One problem, this car was stolen in the late 60's according to the owner, and California replaced the vin tag with correct vin number under the glove box. The present owner has owned this car for 32 years. The thief removed the original vin tag. How will this affect going after a Top Flight or Bloomington Gold? Do you think it would be possible to get supporting info from California going that far back?
Dean -

Makes no difference at all to NCRS - a state-assigned VIN is equally as acceptable for judging as the original one, and carries no deduction.
One more question for a pro! For a vin# roadster 194675S121487(Early July Car L2) with a St. Louis built body, the code under the dash is S7045 (7,045th roadster body built in St. Louis vs. A.O. Smith). Does anybody have info that would support that S7045 is correct since (L) July production started with 121217 (21,217th car off the line )I don't have production information on St. Louis vs. A.O. Smith. There were 15,375 roadsters built totally. About 1/2 St. Louis and 1/2 A.O. Smith?
The body number sounds fine to me, since the body was built July 2 in St Louis and vehicle is the 271st Corvette assembled in St Louis in July.

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