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vinyl on dash bubbling up....Can this be fixed?


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Jul 20, 2005
Scituate, MA
2000 Navy targa
My 2000 C-5 coupe has got a upper dash pad that is starting to bubble up, where the vinyl is separating from the frame backing.

I got the car used with 15,000 miles on it 8 years ago. I did not notice at the dealer that it had a glue divot on the top of the dash left by velcro glue. This flaw was well camouflaged by a lot of Armourall. I lived with it for a few months then I started shopping for a replacement. Ultimately, it was replaced with a brand new one from Chevrolet, for like $750. It was a lot of work to replace it but I did get her done. A whole lot of torx screws!

Now 8 years later, the replacement pad is starting to bubble up in the top right corner, where it meets the bottom of the windshield and cowl. It's like 10" long, running on the edge where it meets the glass. The vinyl is separating from the backing about 4" in, a good big bubble. It's a likely hot spot in the sun. From now on when I park outside I'll be using one of those windshield shades!

Has anybody out there been able to re-glue a problem like this on the dash pad? I can pull the whole dash out to get a good angle on it to try to repair it.

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I think the skin is heat bonded, or bonded in the mold with heat as a way of attaching the skin with an adhesive. I've never seen a repair job work well, or for any length of time. I'd keep my eye out for a fresh one in a auto recycler, and save 2/3 over a nos replacement. You can play around with it using superglue and a syringe - it's a shot.

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