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OK all you gear heads extrapolate this. Recently while showing some rice burner SUV what the old 82 will do, happened to get the needle stuck @ 85mph . Anyway my question is this @ 3000 RPM on a flat road, temp 72 degrees, in O.D., with stock gears what do you think my speed actually was????:Twist
P.S. why did they only put a 85 mph speedo in a vette (mine is actually in kmh so 140 kmh!!!???)
How many rpms at 60mph in OD? or any other rpm/speed as a referance,I alway thought 85 mph speedos in anything was a bad idea.
Good question.....my '85 only went up to 85mph also, but the digital readout kept going. You had to be in the ballpark of 100 - 110 mph.......just my .02 worth:)

60 mph
--------- = .042857 x 3000(rpm)= 128.57 mph. :eek
1400 (rpm)

I hope i'm doin the math right . rod
3000 RPM

Rice burner SUV???????????
:confused :confused :confused
And had you been stopped, the reply to the officer would have been... but officer my speedo shows that I was only going 85!!:s :w

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