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what engine oil ??


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Nov 22, 2001
colton, oregon, usa
'93 Black 6 Speed
After consulting the manual of my '93 I see GM recomends 'SG' rated oil. And after looking through my extensive stock on hand including kendal, valvoline, & castrol in various mulit & straight weights I see none of them are 'SG'. The 'SG' must be either a synthetic or synthetic blend - I haven't actually looked into it yet. But, regardless - I'm curious what everyone else is doing ? Are You following the recomendation and using the synthetic, or just using quality conventional oil & making frequent (3000 mile) changes ???

As a side note...I thought I better consult my manual for my '94 trans-am since it supposidly has the same motor. Sure enough, it calls for the same stuff. However, I've been running Valvoline 10-30 since I've had it , changing every 3,000 miles. The car had 5,000 miles when I bought it & has about 40,000 now with no problems so far....

Thoughts anyone ?
SH is currently the top of the line, but you may still see both SH and SG on store shelves. When a new designation appears, it just means that the standards have been raised, and the new oil (in this case, SH) meets those higher standards.

If you want more reading, check out The Engine Oil Bible ;)

_ken :w
I beleve that the recomended oil for the LT1 motor is Mobil 1 Synthetic 5W-30. It's written on the oil cap on the valve cover of my engine. There is also some GM spec number written on the lid too (that I dont remember off hand). Any oil that meets that spec should be good. I know a lot of guys use Red Line motor oil and have no complaints.

The factory used Mobile 1 synthetic, 5w-30. The lighter weight oil frees up a little power, and the synthetic is superior to the conventional oils.

From what I can remember (forgot the vitamin E again...) the synthetic does not leave deposits in the system that are acidic. Also, since the oil does not break down, you get cleaner oil.

From running it in a couple mustangs with 302's, I noticed a couple things. First, those motors are notorious for oil consumption. When I switched to synthetic, consumption was reduced to the point that no consumption was noticeable. Second, the oil stayed cleaner a lot longer, hence less oil changes.

Yes, synthetic is expensive, but if you keep an eye out, there are occasional specials. FYI....Walmart gets 5qt jugs of Mobile 1 for about $14 each. It seems to be some sort of special deal, and they only get them in the summer time. There was no limit, so I stocked up.

Use any brand name synthetic. Change around every 3000 miles with new filter. Look for sales on synthetic oil. I was amused here when awile back the gas prices went way up, all the synthetic oil prices rose also.
ed-zachary (exactly)

nyernga- I second the motion

conventional oil :r

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