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What shocks do you use with fiber springs?


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"
OK, in continuation of the thread I tried to start below :) I ordered the VBP rear dual mount spring. The salesman (not Robin or Gary) recommended the VPB218 shocks as he said they were specially designed for the fibersprings for them by KYB.

I was surprised at this and had intended to order the Bilstein Extremes or at least Sport models.

On the web site they confirm the 218 shocks are specially for the fiber springs - but those UNDER 330 pounds and that they give a nice smooth ride.
They stress they are "economical". I really don't care about $50 one way or the other - I just don't want to go back to replace perfectly good shocks in 2 months (I am already doing that as the regualr KYB's on there are less than 6 months old, but were never exactly correct.)

Well the dual mount spring CAN be adjusted that low, but also a lot higher - almost (if not actually) to the 420# level.

So now I'm more confused. Did the salesman give me a good recommendation? He sounded certain, but salesmen often are, whether correct or not. I seem to remember I DID once get something that was not ideal from VBP a while back, but it wasn't serious - something on the order of rubber boots instead of poly boots. I have gotten so many things from VBP and been overwhelmingly happy with them that I didn't regard it as important at the time.

I called one of their tech guys back but only could get voice mail.

I want the most uncompromising ride possible - I don't care if it's harsh. If it turns out that IS nice and light and comfortable, then fine. If it's so harsh the windows break when I hit a pebble, but handling is better, well so much the better! :)

I saw from a thread of last June they were NOT recommending this same shock, but maybe they didn't have this "218" special KYB GR2 version available yet.
I don't have the dual mount but went with Bilsteins on all 4 corners.:beer :w

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