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Wheel Bearings!!!



75' Stingray, The wheel bearings, right rear are bad. I've removed the axle shaft, and brake caliper. Is there any special proceedures to changing the bearings? I have another trailing arm, can I put the entire hub assembly into mine and the clearances be correct? Need help.. It's on blocks awaiting some info.. THANKS BROHOKUS OKC area.
Yes, as long as the one you are putting in is good..........Take the e-brake shoes off, remove the 4 nuts, shock mount/strut rod mount 1/2 shaft and change the whole assembly. Do not try putting the bearings and axle only into the old assy as the clearances will, or may, be off........I hope I didn't make this sound too confusing...........Steve
The only way to change the bearings as an "assembly" is to buy a "bebuilt" trailing arm that some vendors sell.

If you want to replace just the bearings you need to do it per the factory service manual. Special tools are required, specifically a big hyd. press to remove the outer bearing from the spindle and the measuring equipment to determine the proper bearing shim to be installed on the spindle with the bearings.

There is an in-depth discussion of the bearing set-up process in an article at:

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