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Who has rebuilt their 81 carb?


Jun 29, 2006
Ames, IA
his: Blown 99 C5 Z51, hers: 81 Charcoal Metallic
Am considering rebuilding the carb in my wife's 81 C3. Who here has done this? Any pointers? How much did you spend for the rebuild kit?

It's either rebuild it, or replace it with a 600 cfm Edelbrock and bypass the ECM. Since car is completely stock, I am leaning toward the rebuild of the Quadrajet...

I rebuild mine with a rebuild kit, no a big problem if the airvalve's close the right way. Not any pointers that i can remember, just lay everything next to each other and it's easy to do.

Groeten Peter.
Read "Rochester Carburetors" by Doug Roe and check out this site
Then write Lars Grimsrud at v8fastcars@msn.com and ask for his q-jet choke set up paper. It's a do-able rebuild, but the more you read up and know, the better your chances of getting it right the first time. The instructions with the kits leave a lot to be desired.
One thing you do not want to do is go with the Edelbrock. It is an inferior carb to the Rochester and with the CCC system, you would also need to replace your distributor at a minimum.
I've worked on this carb a good bit, so if you have any questions or run into any problems, I'll be glad to try and help. God bless, Sensei
I sent mine out to National Carburetor in Florida. They refinished and rebuilt the entire carb to the point where it looked brand new. All the linkages were cleaned and replated. I think it's around $200. I had a good experience with them and it came back running right.

And they rebuild the carb you send them; they don't send you one they had on the shelf.

I'm with Tim on this one, did the national carbs thing and bolted it on 4 years ago and haven't looked back, I got the lifetime warrenty verision, worked like a charm.
I believe that you can do it yourself with care and following instructions but there might also be the issue of worn throttle shaft bores as addressed in the link 67 offered. That price from National Carb is a bargain for the level of restoration you get and there will be no question about it being right when you get it back.

I'm in the proccess of waiting for my '67 Holley to be returned from a nationally known and respected rebuilder that most of the NCRS guys use. It is being completely re-machined and will be better than a new one. I'll be spending much more than that $200. and I'm just getting the driver quality rebuild. A full NCRS restore is much more.

I'd send mine to National and be done with it.

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