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    Trivia Question

    A damaged air filter will likely cause: 1: Rough idle 2: Incorrect MAF readings 3: Increased wear on cylinder walls 4: Overheating only one is correct
  2. FrankM

    update on my Michelin tire experience

    I bought 4 Michelin Pilot tires awhile back, 275/40x17 and wanted to let the forum know how my experience has been with them. As most realize the Michelin are usually a few dollars more. Is it worth the difference......you decide Usuage: Due to my maturity :-) I drive in a normal fashion. Never...
  3. FrankM

    I need a Carfax ~ I have a VIN

    Some one bought a salvage '90 with a washed title Anyone got a car fax lookup? I have a VIN: 1G1YY2383L5102949 THANKS A BUNCH !!
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