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    More water spots....

    Hi gang, How does a person go about removing water spots from the windows? My 86 has them on the windshield both side windows and the rear view mirrows. Thanks, Barry
  2. hoosier

    Thermal switch

    I have an 86 with the standard cooling. Bought the low temp. thermal switch and installed it this morning. I spliced into the green/white tracer like they say but my fan still does not turn on till 224 and off at 207 ,not 200 and 185 ,Where did I go wrong...
  3. hoosier

    What size?

    Hi all, I'm working on the rear hub assembly of my 86 and have run into a little problem. I'm trying to remove the hub assembly from the rear knuckle,there are 3 torx bolts that hold the hub in the knuckle, I've tried both 50 and 55 torx bits ,50 is too little and the 55 is too big. I'm...
  4. hoosier

    Reverse lockout

    Does anyone know where one can pickup a new reverse lockout rod,washer,spring,o-ring,The flat washer on mine is rounded out inside and will not stay on the rod anymore.Oh yeah its a 4+3. Thanks...
  5. hoosier

    1986 no start

    Having a problem with starting. It all started with cruise control switch going bad on the turn signal stalk.I had it replaced and upon picking up the car that evening ( after hours),when I started it up there was a terriable whine comming from under the hood,also noticed low voltage.Turns out...
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