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    Looking to upgrade C4 to C7

    I currently have a black 1996 LT4 6-spd that is very near 200,000 miles. It's been a great daily driver for me the past ~18 years, but I just can't keep up with mounting problems and i'm no longer willing to deal with them. I'm looking to upgrade to a C7! Not new, but maybe a 2014-2015. I was...
  2. JohnnyC

    Hard acceleration, pop and car died

    Driving to work today, tried to pass someone, i hit the gas a little harder than i would normally, I heard a loud POP and the car just died. Dash and electrical still on. I coasted to the side of the road and was towed home. The car is turning over, but it would not restart. Only mod i really...
  3. JohnnyC

    LT4 Alternator and serpentine belt help

    I have a 1996 LT4 stock. A few weeks ago my alternator locked up and broke my serpentine belt. I had the alternator rebuilt (twice) locally and i'm still having charging issues. To add to the mix of things, i broke the connector to the alternator, got a new one from Pepboys and had to splice...
  4. JohnnyC

    Headlights are on chime not working

    The chime that alerts you when the headlights are left on when you turn off the ignition does not work. Can someone direct me to a fix? 1996 Corvette. Thanks.
  5. JohnnyC

    Seat belt cinches down on bumpy roads

    My seat belt cinches down on my lap on bumpy roads without me pressing the cinch button. I have to wait to find a red light or stop sign to undo my seat belt, retract and then reconnect it. Is there another way to undo the cinch or do I need to replace my seat belts? Its really becoming annoying.
  6. JohnnyC

    Acceleration bogging down on morning starts

    I am having a problem with acceleration bogging down on morning starts. It starts fine, but when i get on the road and hit the gas nothing happens. I push pedal to the floor and get nothing. Car just bogs down. When i try again, the pedal goes down about 1/2 way and i get resistance, with...
  7. JohnnyC

    Wiper blade goes off driver side windshield

    My driver side windshield wiper tends to wipe off the outer edge of the windshield. So much, 1/2 the blade it has gotten stuck on the frame and i've had to lower the window and give it a little nudge. Not fun when its raining. During the same trip this is not all the time, some times it is fine...
  8. JohnnyC

    AC on = very rough idle

    I have a 96 LT4. Now that it is getting hotter in NJ, i tried to use the fan/AC. The vette started to shake and rumble way above normal. I have a slightly rough idle as it is, but as soon as the air or AC are turned on its crazy. Any ideas where to start would be helpful. Thanks. John
  9. JohnnyC

    Power side mirrors not working - blown fuses

    Both my side mirrors do not move. I checked the fuse box and the 5 amp fuse was blown. I thought that would be an easy fix, so I replaced. That new one blew. I tried to replace with 10 and then 20 amp fuses, both blew. All as soon as i turned the ignition i could hear the pop. Do i have a short...
  10. JohnnyC

    new water pump - overheating

    I first had the problem of coolant leaking so i replaced water pump with a re-manufactured water pump. I added a new coolant temp sensor (broke the old one) but used the same old thermostat. this has just been replaced recently and nothing was wrong with it. I installed everything correctly...
  11. JohnnyC


    I am having some steering/alignment issues. My vette pulls to the right on normal driving conditions. I can be on a road, parking lot or highway... let go of the steering wheel and my car wanders to the right immediately. So instead of driving straight down the road, i constantly have to drive...
  12. JohnnyC

    Fuel leak - rear

    I have a noticeable fuel leak coming from the rear of the passenger side of the fuel tank. You can see the drip speed, about a coffee pot speed drip. It seems to be dripping "from" the fuel lines, but i can't see above things or without fuel dripping on my face. The lines look ok, slight surface...
  13. JohnnyC

    How do i bypass the heater core 96?

    How do i bypass the heater core on 1996 LT4 6spd? i have major leak coming from the heater core/reservoir area inside the engine compartment, not inside the interior (yet). Would turning the heat to "Off" help (not leak)?
  14. JohnnyC

    Doesnt start... but hear clicking

    I went to turn the key and i got a "click" and then nothing. Car went dead. No turn over, no radio, no windows, no nothing, etc. I can hear faint clicking sounds (relay?) from under the passanger side dash area with key out. I also noticed with the key out, the oil presure and a few gauges...
  15. JohnnyC

    Ignition stuck on too far

    I turned the key on my car as normal... but i quickly realized there was problem. the Brake and Brake Pressure lights came on. the radio went dead. my windows didnt work. the Eng/Met, gauges buttons didnt work, my fan and heater didnt work... the car operated ok. I got to my friends house, i...
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