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    Redneck engineered top rack

    I needed a way to store the spare top and could not determine how securely the ones in the catalogs actually held the top. I did determine that they were pricey. Since the top would be in a storage room, appearance was not a factor. So, here's my redneck engineered $1.89 top storage rack. A...
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    Acrylic top water spots

    My acrylic top is covered with spots from the water here. Zaino glass cleaner took the hard water/acid rain spots off the glass effortlessly, but the company says it has an abrasive that will damage the top. Has anyone found a product that will remove these ugly spots? Thanks
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    Need a RAP circuit

    Is there a Retained Accessory Power circuit other than the radio/CD fuse? The extra hot/accessory/ground wires in the fuse box is a great idea but the accessory wire is not a RAP. Do any of the unused fuse slots retain power? Also, how does the dang car know when a door is open? :confused...
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    Tried Nighthawks?

    Has anyone tried the GE Nighthawk headlights? The package marketing hipe promises they are the brighest, best, longest reaching available... Anyone tried them to see how they compare to Silverstars? I put Silverstars in the C4 and was very unimpressed--not worth the effort.
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    Crankshaft Position Sensor access

    Help! My '96 LT1 seems to have sprung a leak around the Crankshaft Position Sensor. The manual simply says to lift the car, loosen the bolt and remove the sensor. Yeah, right, I can barely see the thing much less touch it! There are two braces bolted to the crossmember and the side rails. Is...
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