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    Might have found deal on E-bay

    I read in one of the forums yesterday that someone was having a problem finding the right tire size so I looked up 85 corvette wheels to check the size. The last posting was for 4-17inch wheels, 2 at 9.5in, and 2 at 11in and the picture showed them being sawblades with no scratches for $400.00...
  2. Tom Hetherman

    OIl pressure reading high?

    Hell all I took the beast out of winter storage today. Has'nt really been driven since November and I noticed the oil pressure reading was at 70psi at 2500 rpms. I don't remember it being that high last season but I could be being paranoid.Oil level is perfect and I run Royal Purple synthetic...
  3. Tom Hetherman

    91 ZR1 Production numbers

    Hello everyone I am a new member signed up last night. I am a proud owner of a 91 ZR1, red with a grey interior # 1593. I was wondering if anyone knew how many of the 634 red zr1's came with grey for an interior. Any info would be greatly appreciated. ty Tommy
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