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1969 Wiper override switch



I have been told they discontinued making them. I can purchase one for a 1070-72 but have to cut connedcters on my 69 and solder wires.

Anyone know where I could try picking one up at? Salvage yard etc. that might be on-line or a phone number where I might try.

Chris, you got everything else how about this one (SMILE)

Thanks Don

Are you talking about the vac override? If so, ZIP has one listed in their 2000 catalog on pg. 96. I'm sure Chris will chime in if this isn't the one you need. :)
The original had an off white plastic shaft and as I recall, the electrical connectors came out perpendicular to the shaft. The 70 and up style has a metal shaft, and the connectors come out on the top just about parallel to the shaft. The original plastic shaft switches are tough to find and pricey when you do locate one. They commonly broke when your foot hit them getting into the car, thus the change to metal. :) Hope this helps. Chuck
That is one of the many items that were long gone by the time I got the car. In fact, I am rewiring the entire car right now and have finally made my way to the wipers.

I am doing something different. I put an electric actuator on the wiper door, bought a 1980 style motor and washer pump, and am trying to wire in a 1989 style door mount wiper switch. Keep your fingers crossed.

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