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1986 power antenna problem


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Mar 25, 2001
Brookfield, WI
Blue 1966 Roadster, Black 1986 Coupe
My wifes power antenna motor wouldn't stop running, I pulled the fuse then disconnected the terminal. The antenna itself moves up and down manually. Do'es this have a plastic cord in it that operates it. and is that what broke. Is it repairable or do I need a whole new one? :confused
radstad66 said:
Do'es this have a plastic cord in it that operates it. and is that what broke. Is it repairable or do I need a whole new one? :confused

I (knock-wood) haven't experienced this problem yet, but from what I've read and heard, it is common for the antenna to go bad. What breaks exactly, I don't know so I can't help you. :(

All of the aftermarket supply houses provide remedies or replacements, whichever way you have to go. ;)
radstad66, I have torn apart a few power antenna in the past that had a non-stopping problem, maybe similar to the one you have, none of them from a corvette though. They were all driven the same - by a square(4 sided) hard plastic cord that has teeth on one side and coils up on itself when the antenna is down. This is driven by a platic gear. I have seen either the gear missing some teeth or the plastic cord missing some teeth. One I saw only had one tooth missing. but it was enough to keep from working. Not hard to fix, but not sure how difficult to get at in corvette...
We just done this last week to a 90. We got the part from mid am but later found out that we could have gotten it from GM, however, the part number(which I don't have in front of me) is for a pontiac only. With the one from MA, you get some directions but you really (or at least we) should've had a few more. It is a fairly easy repair though............Steve
Ive got a problem with mine to but it works fine! prblm is that Ive hooked up my amp and deck (all aftermarket) the amp will turn off because the Remote wire and antenna wire need the same output on the deck now I went to my stereo shop and they gave me this Siemens Relay I hooked it up and everything works great for about 5mins to 1 hour depending then everything still shuts off (antenna goes down and amp shuts off) Question is has anyone else had this problem and how do I fix? is there a realy or do I need a new antenna. this thing rubbing me the wrong way just when I think I got it boom everything shuts down GRR help me pls Lol
:mad :r
ssvett is exactly right. I have done this a few times in the past. Don't know the part number either, but I went right through the local G.M. dealer and was able to either get the whole mast portion with the platic (cat gut) and just the plastic chord.

The most difficult part is actually reaching up between the muffler and fender to remove the assembly. when you get it out, it is really easy to pop off the retainer clips and open the motor up.

In my case, they always break when stuck up and I have trouble getting it down and out of the car.

If you have the $$$$, the longest lasting repair is just a complete replacement. If you have my luck, you will fix the plastic part, then next month the motor will wear out!:bang
Antenna information

Please be advised that the whole antenna assembly is about $140 through GM and is readily available.
Access is through the inner fender skirt, after you remove the left rear wheel. Also, please remove the inside trim panel from the cargo area, as this hides the grommet, and harness coming inside the car, from behind the left outside tail lamp.
You will need a 10mm and this should be fine.
You will see 2 grounding straps for this installation, use them both, and make sure you mount it in the same location as the old one. Also, lightly remove the corrosion from the bolt down point.
After you are finished, you can use some battery terminal protector spray to protect the area from further corrosion.
Best to all ,c4c5

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