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1996 Questions


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Sep 6, 2012
Woodland Hills CA
1995 Red ZR-1
I just got delivery on a red/tan LT4 vert w/14000mi & had some questions.

Original GY GSC tires in good shape. The right rear has a "1234" stamp on the sidewall, not from the mold, looks like an add on at GY or BG. It's the onlt tire that has this. Any idea what this is?

The original clear protective strip on the rear deck deck that protects the paint when the top is up had a number of "wear" points & I plan to replace it. What is the best way to take it off without damaging the paint, heat gun, hair dryer, careful peel...? It appears there must've been a pretty strong adhesive on it. The replacements have a static application.

:m Thanks

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