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76 tach repair



Hello am trying to remove tach from instrument panel and cannot seem to get at it (not enough room) have removed dash and all screws in the panel. Also removed the two steering column bolts. am I missing something I didn't disconnect?
Any help would be appreciated. Denny
Any progress

Hey k9 how you making out with the tach repair , need further adv,
the complete dash is out and a new circuit board arrived today. Anything I should be aware of when putting bac together? Have replaced the speakers and instrument lights already.
Hey K9 sounds like the projects on the road to recovery ,proper move to replacing the speakers at the same time.
Best advise is to take your time and along the way search for the dried wires and properly install the ground wires,those are a must,we,re only a keyboard away if ya become unglued.:confused

How did you eventually get this apart.

I too have pulled out all the dash screws, the air conditioning duct and the two steering wheel support screws. Everything I have read says the steering wheel should, and the key work is should, drop so the dash can then be removed but it is not.


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