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84 still runs like poohay



Yeah, I need to spend my money on an exhaust when my car cant beat a rustang. Heres the story....new EGR, recently tuned, no check engine light (was recently replaced as well), and stock ignition.

I hit the gas quick and hard and it sometimes goes *pup* and dies. I am in P and tap the gas hard...*pup*pup*, dies. I hit the gas sweetly, then hard, it gets to about 3000-3500 rpm, sputters and slows WAY down.

It almost seems as though it is getting starved of fuel. It is a stock and original fuel pump and I know people have said to UG to a 85+. I dont know. Any Ideas??
....and please dont say its the tranny.

Well I guess you can if it is............just sugar-coat it.
No not tranny

Could be the timing, or cap & rotor, or coil or a combo of the above.

Time to get out the timing light....

When did you change the fuel filter?

And I think you will have to pull the fuel pump
( inspect pick up sock )

How many miles?

No timing light..about 6 months ago...Pick up sock :confused and 89,000

Cap, rotor and coil huh...I was going to install an Accel setup for that anyways.
Duhhh! I should look before clicking!

Ok the pickup sock through deduction and reading the thread correctly is in the tank.. another question. If I was to install a hypertech in-line pump w/o yanking the oem pump. What would that do?
Duhhhhhh ( part Deux )

IF you sock is plugged you need to fix that BEFORE you add another pump!

And if you want more fuel flow you can get a bigger pump ( 86 & up) but the engine ( stock) can't use what it's got for stock anyway.


Well Len that's a good theory

However I have seen a LOT which cake up with debris( rust, scale,taco bell hot sauce wrappers) and get sucked into the pump entrance sufficating the intake.

Still trying to figgure out the hot sauce wrapper one to this day.


My luck I do have a hot sauce wrapper in my tank. Unfortunatley I will have to check it tomorrow sometime.

Awww! Make that Thursday.

Thanks for the input McYall!:beer
Were you having this problem prior to having the work you listed done?


This all happened after it was "tuned" up and had a new knock sensor and plugs and then was smogged :(
So about two months
Just a thought, but a bad EGR can wreak havoc and look like a thousand other items. Possibly the replacement was not done properly? In addition,it would be no surprise if a faulty EGR does not pull a code.
Just a thought;)
Well hell

I did replace what seemed to be a decent EGR about two weeks ago. I dont think I screwed it up because it is a rather simple install. (four years ago I rebuilt an engine from bare block under Coors/Shlitz induced inebreation and it still runs :) :puke

I was told that it might be the solenoid
Didn't know you did the work yourself. I'll take a look tonight at the TBI diagnostic and see what they have for the symptom.
No easy answers in the manual. Fuel,EGR,leak at manifold. Take your pick. If you need diagnostic guide shoot me an e-mail. This is from my 82 TBI but should be quite similar. You may want to check.
Good Luck
Manifold leak huh?

This could be an issue as the "mechanic" previously had to replace the gasket due to a leak. Ill check that out right now.

BTW is there an easy way to check that beside just re-torquing the bolts?
A good visual inspection would be a good place to start. With the way she's running I would think it would be quite noticeable.
Good luck;)
Did you check for a plugged catalytic convertor? The shop manual has a proceedure to check backpressure between the engine exhaust manifold and the cat.

I would also check to see if the timing chain has skipped a tooth. I think the engine has a nylon timing gear that has a way of failing between 80 to 100K.

Also, Corvette Fever magazine had a series of articles about a year and a half ago on the cross fire in the 84.

Let's talk about that knock sensor....why did you replace it?

Knock sensor

Apparently, the knock sensor was the cause of the check engine light being on and once replaced, the engine quit pinging/klacking on heavier acceleration and the check engine light now remains off. I dont know if this was really the issue but all of this was performed before I bought the vehicle. :hb

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