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89 ZR-2 Update, Thanks for all the help!




Thanks everyone for all your help sorting out the ZR-2 mystery. It would appear that there definitely isn't any such thing as a Corvette ZR-2. In this case just some after market body mods and a vinyl sticker. I'm absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of accurate and useful information and help came my way when I asked the group about the supposed ZR-2 my brother in law inherited from his dad. Boy I wish there was a community like this for 69 Chrysler 300 convertibles!

I taken my best shot at presenting the car and have listed the it for sale on ebay. If anyone is interested you can follow the action at

Seems most think that the after market body mods will hurt the value rather then help it. Let's see if that beautiful red paint and rip-roaring engine can make up the difference.

Thanks again

Thanks for the heads up. I visited the Chrysler 300 site and it seems they donÕt cover my poor 69. Not lettered enough I guess.
I think IÕd rather hang out here. IÕve been knocking around the internet since the days of 14,400 and 28,800 baud modems and in all this time I have yet to see a friendlier or more technically sophisticated site as this one. My hatÕs off to you corvette guys (and gals)!
Looks like a real interesting ride.

I would like to make one suggestion if you don't mind. You might consider not posting any estimated hsp figures unless you have a rear wheel or flywheel dyno sheet from a good shop to post along with it. In fact, you might get more attention for the car by simply stating that the engine was professionally rebuild X miles ago and runs very strong.

There are many people out there that have been burned by "high performance" engines that turn out to be warmed over junk.

The truth is as well, that a basically stock intake manifold and mass air flow sensor on a TPI engine won't make more than about 300 hsp due to the air flow restrictions no mater how much money or work has been done to the heads, cam, pistons, etc. That means that you appear to be over advertising the hsp by as much as 100 ponies. This will scare away any serious buyers that have some functional knowledge of how these particular engines work.

I am sure you will sell it soon though, because it is a real beauty.

Good luck.

Thanks alot for the comment about representing horse power. I have made the suggested changes in the listing and I feel a whole lot more comfortable abou it now. I totaly agree with your view point and appreciate you taking the time to share it with me!

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