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'91 stereo problems


Henri 79

Can't find the Bose info...

I remember that somewhere on this great site there was a section about the Bose stereo systems found in the C4's. One topic was a guideline to replace the elco's/capacitors in the power amplifiers, complete with picuters.

After the redesign of the site I can't find this info anymore... Is it lost or 'hidden very well'??

the Netherlands
'91 Export Coupe


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Sep 16, 2000
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I know we didn't have anything like that here on the site unless it was posted by someone in the forums. If we did have it, it would be in the Knowledgebase, but I know we don't have that. Let me hunt around and see what I can find.

Henri 79

Oh, Imsosorry!

Thanks for the link, Jeff. Great info & hands on experience.

Rob... I double checked my links and found the info that I thought to be present on this site on the corvetteforum site.

Sorry for the confusion!

the Netherlands

Henri 79

Hello all,

I've a problem with the Delco/Bose in my '91 Coupe.
When I bought this Vette a couple of weeks ago, there was a LOUD static from all four speakers when the radio was turned on. I thought this static couldn't be controlled in volume by the volume knob.
Now the static has gone, but so is the rest of the 'music'.
When I turn the volume all the way open, I can hear the radio playing, but only at a very low volume.

Since the static was in all four speakers and now I barely hear the radio, I suspect the CDM module has gone south.
Am I right here...? Other suggestions?

What's the purpose of this unit?

I dont' expect the amps to be the problem, because the symptoms are the same on all four speakers/amps.

There is a ton of info on the amps on the Internet, but I haven't found any DIY info on the CDM module. Anyone?

Henri 79

No one got an idea?

Are there any really knowledgable persons you can recommend and whom I can contact via Internet?

I've found some internetsites but I'm not convinced they really know where they're talking about.

Sooo, who's the big one regarding Bose equipment in C4's?

(I just might end up using a four channel amp and aftermarket speakers... But otherwise the '91 is SOOO original....)

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