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Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
Well, at least it got me on the road again!! :L

After I found the loose connection, I began to wonder; I said to myself, "Self, do you suppose they were wrong when they replaced TWO coils on my Vette when it might simply have been a loose connection all along?" :eyerole

:upthumbs Thanks Yoda for the tape. :upthumbs

Oh, I almost forgot; Thanks go to Johnny Jepperson at D&D Tire, Inc. in Eureka, NV (on the loneliest road in America) for the spark plug wire replacements I got when I burned mine through. Was I having fun or what? :L
Why its so beautiful I could cry!
I just thought of something. How many of you have removed and either forgot to replace, or purposely left-off, the ring that holds the plug wires in place. Mine's been gone for as long as I've owned the vehicle I believe.

Mine long gone Those MSD of mine are to big for the Ol ringy thingy Ditch it or dont buy it waste of moola

Do you have your Cover that matches plenum I like how that looks buts thats the only thing I did mines fine

:D ;) :D
The "ringy thing" is almost necessary on the 84Z51....we didnt have it and occasionally a wire would work its way loose (aparently SOMEONE likes too add alot of dialectic grease to insure a good connection)....................but for we bought a chrome cover for ours and customised it with a horn button emblem so it wouldnt be ugly...The cover BigRed mentioned 4 u TPI cars lookes cool, very well integrated!
:w I was in there again today, trying to organize the mess of plug wires, vacuum lines, wiring harnesses, and all of the rest... :puke

The most irritating thing about it is that the wires, which have been in one position for so long they've developed a memory, are difficult when trying to keep one out of the way while you work with another. That, and the fact that you can't get both hands in there to work on the wires, or when you DO finally get one hand on it, you can't see it to see what you're doing! If you ever have a tach filter go bad, there is a lot of junk to remove before you can even see it.

As a matter of fact, you really can never quite see it, you can see where the wire goes but not much more; it's hidden by the oil pressure switch, and both the filter and the o/p switch are hidden by the relays for the fuel pump and, in my case, the relay for the overdrive unit, which in turn is hidden by the windshield wiper motor. :eyerole

I just can't understand engineering though; a connection (a weather-pak connection) for the EGR sensor, leads to a wire coming from the harness located way down behind the distributor (And that wire is only about three inches long!) where there is no way in the world to get both hands on it to connect the two halves. I can understand the conflicts between design and engineering when it comes to packaging things in close spaces, but this is a piece of friggin' wire that in no way affects design. Poor planning on someone's part. :r

Just venting again. Onward and upward! :gap


Brother I know exactly what you mean. I went to tear the guy who replaced the cluster because the tach quit, thanks to you folks I found out about the filter...removed it and it works fine now.Wish I knew what the value of the capacitor is, I would replace it.
On another note, as an Engineer I have wondered where the heck they got the ones who designed the engine compartment on the C-4. Seems like they built the motor then added the car around it. Must have thought they did such a good job nobody would ever need to get back in there....:eyerole :cool

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