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C3 over C2


J.T. Marlin

Why do you guys like the C3 Corvettes over the C2s so much? C2s had way more power, more options, higher standard of quality, and many better performance features compared at the 1968-82 models. The C2 was also more aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion) with the side pipes, knock off wheels, big block hoods, and just plain beautiful colors and body designs. Also, why did GM drastically degrade the Vette (as far as power goes)after 1966-69?

My reason for going with the C3 is style, comfort JUST LOVE THE BODY STYLE. :D

I've owned a C1 ('54); C2 ('67) a few C3's and a few C4's. I JUST LOVE THE C3 BODY STYLE.. As for why did GM down grade the muscle in the Corvettes... well it wasn't by choice, I believe an individual by the name of Nader and the Insurance industry had more to do with that than we'll ever know. Also the gas crunch in '73 didn't help much either.

I just drove my 1981 over 5,000 miles in two weeks to the Rendezvous and home to California. She ran like new and was as much fun behind the wheel as it can get. Know the car and being able to drive it sometimes makes up for lost muscle in the hills and twisties.. Power ain't everything, it don't hurt, but it ain't everything. Just my $.25 worth.

Thanks for the info, I thought it was mainly the swooping over flat style. What engine did your 67 have? I hear they ride like crap, but look good doing so.
The ride and the comfort

JT<, I too have had, and or worked on many Corvettes. I had an 80 that I would love to have back. I had a 62, and while it was cool:cool looking, it was not very comfortable on even short trips. It did trailer nice though, on trips over 100miles. I could not imagine driving a C2 on a trip like Bud just got back from. I'm not saying that I wouldn't do it, I'm just saying that it would not be very comfortable. Now, while I will admit, the C4's and I'm sure the C-5's have a lot more creature comforts then the C3, I do not believe that they are anywhere near as smooth riding. Yea, the C-3 ain't no Cadilac, it definatly rides better then the C-4. The C2, is by far the coolest looking, especially the coupes,(to me). But, the C-3, "aesthetics", to me, the swooping lines, the molded wheel wells, the seats, and the way the driver sets in them, now that is smooth. As far as power, like Bud said, Power ain't(I don't think he said "ain't" though) everthing. I have seen some pretty peppy C-3 with upto 500HP right here in the middle of Missouri..................I like 'em all..........Steve
C3's are for me

Well, going to add my few cents in here.
We had a C4 and now just have the faithful C3. Althought the a/c in the C4 was much better and the seats were adjustable, the feel of the wind with the tops off on the C3 is much better.
Also, when I see a C3 coming down the highway, I know it is a vette. I like the lines of the C2's but since we travel to Bowling Green about 3 times a year, the C3 is better. This is about a 9 hr or more trip for us. Infact, I just drove it myself, for the first time, to the Rendevous. It handles as well as the C4 ever did.
As for the hp...............well, I sure don't need the extra when going through the mountains and traveling on the bends. As long as I got the get and go action, I don't need the high speeds.
Well, this is just an old granny's opinion.

Bud DID say "ain't"!

I have been entertaining ideas of muscle-ing up my 78, since her engine isn't original. I think this stems from a peeved attitude towards the current 4 and 6 cylinders with more hp...

I think my 78 has enough power for me. She gets up and scoots, but I don't like driving at high speeds for sustained times, I just like getting up to the limit quickly or goosing around a slower car. ;) The main thought holding me back from modifying the engine...is that I am happy with the performance right now, and I know how to drive it. I'm afraid too much power would overwhelm me and get me in trouble. If I ever do modify, I would shoot for around 300 horses. That's just over 1/3 more power than she has now.

Nader, insurance and the gas crunch darn near neutered our cars! But the C3 still looks like the coolest Vette to me. I also happen to like the classic looks of the C2, but I've never ridden in one. I like being snuggled into my C3. I feel enclosed and safe. Well, as safe as you can get in fiberglass! I feel I am a better driver when I am in the 78, as I am more alert to what traffic is doing, that is how I feel 'safe'.

Anyhow, if I had to summarize why people are so keen on the C3...
It's looks, low (compared to the other generations) costs to purchase & maintain, ease of mechanical work and it's looks!

Pocket book said C3 first. Some day though I plan on adding a C1. Love the comfort and lines of my 81, but the history and class of the C1 definitely puts it on my wish list.
Much lower initial investment , better parts availability and cost, better brakes and handling, unique styling, easy to make vast improvements at low cost. Finally on a percentage basis the C-3s will go up in value more than the C-2s in the next several years.
Well I have mixed feelings.. my dad had a 67'.. and I now have a 73' ... I loved his old design and the way it felt when driven or road in... but even he says this c3 is probably one of the best designs.. I feel like I am flying a plane.. and the acceleration in this car.. makes ya feel like it is ready for take off when you gun it :)

But I love all vettes, I can't really think of a year I don't like.. and I have more than one favorite year.. can't help it.. born around vettes all years.. :)
I think the C3's are more stylish and recognized now and the general public notices them more than the C4's , but i always have loved the C2's also and am not saying their not as stylish. it seems everything goes in fads and that's what could be with the C3's. but I am partial right now to the C3's because i have one.
I find that there are good and bad sides of all the year models. The C2 has a strong curb appeal at almost all normal lines of vision.

It is hard to appreciate how much is going on with the C3 unless you can look down on one from afar. It is amazing how curvy they are, and the way the hour glass body flows from one line to another. Once you have seen one from above, you can see the curves all the time.

I am a ****** for the 68-72 bodies. I don't know why. Maybe it is the chrome, maybe it is the hard rear tail.

Wheels, tires, and stance have much to do with the overall looks of any car. I have seen C2 Corvettes with sagging suspensions and cheap wheels that look terrible. Same for C3 and C4.

In the end, it is the whole package that makes the car. GM did a really nice job finishing off the C2 body.
For me it was the money. If I could have any vette I wanted ... well if anyone is bored with their '68 427 w/4 speed, leave it in my driveway.:L I wanted a driveable vette that I could afford so that put me in a '78. The C2's are either restored for $20,000 or in pieces and would take years to make road worthy.
A nice 427/435 67 is about $45,000+ fully restored with matching numbers.
The 68-82 forum here is very active - thier posts represent over 50% of the posts the Corvette Generations and Technical Discussion portion of this site recieves. The information found here is informative and the people are, for the most part, willing to help perfect strangers for little more than a shared fondness for a particular model car. It should come as no surprise that they prefer the C3 model - I would be surprised to find it any other way. You sir, are entitled to and freely encouraged to express your opinion.

I wasn't insulting anyone. I was just wondering why they got a C3 over a C2 Corvette. I wasn't asking which one was better. The answers would be obvious.
Like BradC, my old man had a 67 with the 350hp 327 and I did love that car until the day he totalled it. But I grew up watching C3's and the styling just does it for me. I would like to have a 61 some day but the $$$$ scares me. I can't explain why but the more sharks I see, the more I like them best. The mid years as a whole are the quickest but you can see those two big shark fenders coming at you for miles.

I think my car is getting to my dad too cause he keeps calling me about sharks for sale.
It is Official... I think my dad misses his 67'... he has fell in love with my vette so much, he is now looking for another.. lol

There is about 6 or 7 vettes that I know of in our area that neede some TLC and Major Attention.. but could really make for a nice project car... so who knows... :)
Hey Brad, it sounds like your dad and my dad should crack open a couple of beers together.:beer Wait, that's how my dad totalled his 67. :eek Anyhow, I thought we were supposed to follow int their footsteps not the other way around.
As I've said before I like all the vettes.:) Eventually I do want a C2. Hubby's 62 is fine for short distances as some of you have commented. Although we have a friend from Lafayette, Louisiana who does major NCRS events all over in his C1 and drives to all of them. :) He did one trip with over 3,000 miles round trip. I don't think I would have done that in a 61. ;) I love our C3's because of the lines and those cars still squat when you get down on them. The C4s and C5s you don't really notice it as much.:) We play a game with our kids when we're in any car including the alternative vehicles to see who can spot vettes first. So, we're all pretty good a spotting vettes. We don't make very many mistakes in spotting vettes. :cool We :love seeing them coming down the road.:W:

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