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Cure for scrolling DIC or related issues {?)


New member
Jul 20, 2020
South Dakota
1999 Hatchback
Anyone know what causes the DIC to display the gauges information at random and lock up the DIC buttons. No codes displayed that are not nuisance codes. The DIC buttons are not stuck and work if the gauge information is not displayed. New correct battery, grounding points and connectors cleaned, serial connectors in doors cleaned. The strange part is if stability control is turned off, then driven for a 1 hour, the gauge information does not display on its own. The DIC display is normal for a couple of days then repeats the cycle of random displays. Is there some way to reboot the computer in the DIC? 1999 coupe with 44000 miles.

I found an old GM article that says to drain the capacitors on the car to cure DIC issues. Take both battery cables off and touch them together for a period of time to drain capacitors resets all computers. Car will not idle right for 15 minutes or so till motor relearns the long term fuel trims. Anyone tried this? I am the process now. The article states that this cures about 50% of the problems on the DIC.

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