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Cutting off C5 stock mufflers


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Jul 12, 2001
Middleboro, MA
99' MR Coupe, 04' Silverado 03' ZO6 Sold
Lately I've been thinking about cutting off the stock mufflers and going with (2) straight pipes out the back. Has anyone else done this mod.? I'm not worried about how loud it will be, because I did the same thing to my 94. I just need to know if anyone else has done it to their C5.
just a little off the question...


I'm wondering how much power did you gain out of going mufflerless.

Did you notice any performance differences?

I have not done it and I don't know anyone who has done it either. To a Vette that is, but I know someone who did it to their Trans Am and picked up about a 20 HP gain. At least that is what he says.
Cutting off mufflers

Yeah, I've done alittle research, and some say that the C5 likes some backpressure. Sure, with that bend over the rear axle is all the backpressure I need. I'm not looking for a big gain, but rather some noise.
As soon as it arrives I will be glad to. My son has one on his Trans-Am , it has a deep sound. I like it . I admit I am scared it is going to sound louder on my vette.
les said:
As soon as it arrives I will be glad to. My son has one on his Trans-Am , it has a deep sound. I like it . I admit I am scared it is going to sound louder on my vette.

Louder is better!:D
Louder is better

I'm in agreement with you. I have a friend that has a 66GTO and I love the sound that car makes at idle. :bu
The loud mouth is very loud though. Some people might not be able to take it. That could be to your advantage though. You could make people very unhappy with the noise. Works great for pwople you don't like.
Don't forget about the intimidation factor that goes along with the sound. That very sound can scare vehicles of lesser machinery from challenging you to an impromptu street race!

On the down side, the local police might not like that loud noise!:cool
I cut them off

Last Saturday morning I did it. I used a sawzall and removed them. I made my cut just past the rear sway bar towards the rear of the car. The alignment isn't a straight shot so I used a piece of 2-1/2" flex pipe to get the alignment right. I connected the flex to where I made the cut and on the other side I used a piece of 2-1/2" straight pipe and bought 3-1/2" stainless tips. It looks great. I should take a pic. with the digital camera of the installation so you guys can see. I used hangers that are bolted to the underside or the rear compartment. I used rounded top bolts inside the compartment not to take any space away and for a finished look. When I started the car up, wow was it loud! I did the same mod. on my 94 and this is way louder. I have to admit, it does sound good though. It really needs resonators to tone it down alittle. Today I drove the car to work, and I could tell people driving along side could hear it. The best thing is 6th gear. Doing 80 alittle over 1500 rpm, the car just cruises by just over idle. Ha ha, good for a laugh. When you get on it, it is unreal. The best thing if you see a cop is be in 4th or 5th. If you rev. it, they will probably stop you if you get out of hand. Any Mustang will not screw with you because it sounds like 500hp, ha ha ha....If you don't mind the noise, it is a good mod. I have a C5 Hardtop that is 80lbs. lighter than the coupe. Cutting away the mufflers saved me another 30lbs.
The loudmouth arrived today----- Wednesday I'll have it installed, that night I'll let you know if the wife will still ride in the vette. Todd I can only imagin how cool yours sounds. Some of the vette club members are doing the no mufflers and using some resonator tips found in j c whitney .com. they are carbon fiber and must do a good job because they sound good.

Well Les, it is Wednesday, and we are waiting to HEAR how it went. No pun intended!

O. K. I'm awake now! Vetta's talking in those unknown tonges . I'm alittle hard of hearing right now,but what a sound! The loudmouth is tough at about 1600rpm going up a hill in 4th. (auto),( read deafing.) But what a sound. I love it. No, I have not tried it out on the wife yet.:bu
How loud is loud?

I did order the glass filled resonators from JC Whitney. 2-1/2" inlet with 4" outlets....... yeah! Les, if you can hear me, I said I ordered those resonators!

Did you order those resonatars?? HA HA !! O.K. I'm getting my hearing back. Dan you should have told me the Loudmouth was loud.Ha, listen I love it, and I don't care what the neighbors think. I won't talk about their dog barking and they won't talk about my car. ;)
Dyno result with no mufflers

I was at a dyno day and a guy showed up with an '01 coupe with no mufflers. he removed the mufflers and ran two pipes straight back from where the pipes come down behind the rear axel. He installed two 4"dia x 1' long chrom exhaust tips. It look reasonably good, it was deffinatly loud, and he gained about 8 rwhp.
Yeah I'm thinking I probley picked up a few ponies. I am tring to get my MAF dialed in and then it's off to the dyno to see the results.

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