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door jamb switches on 72 coupe

Feb 1, 2002
Falls Church, Va
1972 Coupe ZZ4 / 4 Speed
My door jamb switches were missing so I bought two new ones. Trouble is
I don't see how they are supposed to work.

It looks like a single wire attaches to the back of each switch. I would've expected the switch to screw into the otherwise metal body to act as a ground. But I don't see how it is supposed to work.

Is there a connection to the door jamb threads? Should there be two wires?




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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
One wire on the driver side, and you may have two off the switch on the passenger side.

It connects ground. It screws into the metal frame of the door hinge area. When the door is open it springs out and makes contact, thus making the ground circuit complete.

You will simply plug the wire into the grounding wire for the courtesy circuit.

Hope that helps!


If you are talking about the switches at the forward part of the door, the switch screws into the door jamb and this provides the ground. Then the power wire completes the circuit when the door is opened.


If this is the alarm switch at the back of the door, each side has three wires that go to the back of the switch. The switch has a small plastic end on it with a post and three holes in it. The wires have a terminal on the ends that push into the plastic holes. When the door is closed the connection off the back of the metal switch is opened. When the door is opened, the switch closes and makes connection between the three wires. If the terminals are broken off, several aftermarket manufacturers sell replacements. ZIP and Keen are a few off hand. There is no ground to the body as you may think, but a word of caution, when taking the old ones out, the metal threaded plate may fall down into the door jamb due to the rivets corroding. I had this happen. If it does, take the panel off inside the wheel well, put a mechanics magnet through the hole on the inside, then take a speaker or other large magnet and put it down by the rocker panel and find the piece (you will hear it), slide it up the door jamb and pass it off to the mechanics magnet. When you get it to the switch area, run a piece of wire through it until you get it riveted back in place so you don't lose it again. It takes some patience, but learn from my cussing and wrench throwing so you don't have to suffer yourself. I though about making replacement plates but the area is too tight to fit a new one into and make it fit. Good luck.

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