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Eliminator Pipes??

GS Diva

Nov 1, 2000
Conway, SC
2016 Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic Z06
I ordered a set of eliminator pipes for my 88 and have been hemming and hawing about whether or not to put them on!! Need your advice! The purpose of doing this is to get a more "throaty" sound, but I've had people tell me it will be too loud. Your thoughts?

Also, a concern of mine is how would this affect the emission test the cars here have to go through every other year?

Thanks in advance...

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
Elaine, you are talking about the "muffler" eliminator exhaust, right? If that's the case, it won't affect emissions at all, but it will be much louder. ;)
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Just to update everyone...I did have the eliminator pipes put on today, and what a sound they make! Just what I was looking for!!! Thanks to all of you who convinced me to do this! Hubby picked it up today with a friend of ours who has a 93 Anniversary coupe. Our friend was so impressed with the sound that he's doing the same thing with his 93...so you helped two of us!!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
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sleepyhead said:
Where'd you order them from, Elaine? Sounds interesting - I might like to check 'em out too!




I ordered them from Mid-America...I think they were about $129.95. They sure sound good!!


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