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Exhaust question


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Anyone know who makes a good X-pipe? Possibly 3in. stainless steel?
I want to redo my catback exhaust this winter........
Here is what I have now:
Stainless steel Watson headers (no cats) to a Flowmaster resonator into 2 3/4" aluminum pipe to Flowmaster mufflers.

Want to go with:
Stainless steel Watson headers (no cats) to a 3" stainless X-pipe, to 3"stainless pipe to Borla's or Tri-Flow mufflers.

I want to change my cat-back exhaust to get a little more sound, a little more oomph, and with the whole thing being stainless steel, I'd never have to mess with it again. Also, I'm just not impressed with the tips on the ZR-1 Flowmaster system.

Anyone have any experience with X-pipes??

Jay,the Vette Doctors have installed x-pipes on ZR-1's in their shop before. Give Carmen a shout and see what he says.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry #001

Here's my opinion on this topic. Personally, I would stay away from a 3" exhaust system unless you have some engine work done to increase the amount of air the engine takes in.

Based upon a conversation I had with Doug Rippie a couple of years ago, they actually saw a power loss by placing a 3" exhaust on an otherwise stock ZR-1. He felt that the best size exaust for an unmodified LT5 engine was 2 3/4.
Really? That's interesting Rob. I know a couple of years down the road I plan on having some work done.......but it will be stock for a while. I'll look into it.
Luckily I've got plenty of time because there's nothing wrong with my current system


You may want to give DRM a call and see what they tell you. They are usually pretty good with technical advice. I don't have their number handy here, but check the Corvette Portal under Aftermarket Tuners and see if I have the phone number to DRM listed there. If not, check the Corvette Action Center's Phone Listing.
Hey all!

Long time reader, first time poster...:) Re: 3" exhaust on a stock LT-5. I don't think you will lose any hp(as been proven by dyno testing) by going to a 3" exhaust. You will however start gaining hp with a few mods...

My ZR-1 gained 8rwhp *over* a Flowmaster system after Tri-Flos were installed(from 377 to 385rwhp, SAE corrected). My car has headers, chip, and plenum/injector housing/tb work only; heads have never been off the car.

I personally love the Watson header/Flowmaster sound but the facts are the Tri-Flos give you power, even with modest modifications to the motor. If you are going for all out power, the 3" Tri-Flo cannot be matched. The resonance and installation problems remain, but if it's power you want, it's power you get.
BA ZR Won, welcome to the CAC.....
I'd like to get my hands on a set of Tri-Flows. Not to mention they look a whole lot better than Flowmasters.....

I don't own a ZR-1, but I have had the up close pleasure of watching one peel out. The guy had a 3" Tri-Flow exhaust on there and just about woke the dead! Almost scared me to death! That was the first and only time that I ever saw a ZR-1 and I've wanted one ever since.

Matter of fact, as I was looking at the size of the exhuast outlets, the owner came up to me and said, "Take a look underneath."

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