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Gas spill over



I have a problem where gas vaporizes in the secondary after the engine is off (hot). It then condenses on the secondary butterfly and runs out the butterfly arm. The result is gas leaking out the arm and onto the manifold. It is only about 10 drops but makes for an ugly situation. I've tried gaskets in an attempt to separate the carb from the maniford heat but to no avail. Any suggestions?? thanx. .....Mike
Mike -

You didn't say which engine you have, but the 300 & 340hp engines with the Carter AFB require a baffle and insulator under the carb (with the gasket against the manifold) to prevent heat-soak percolation; do you have the baffle and insulator in addition to the usual gasket? Do you know that the float level is set correctly as well?
Thanx John. It's a 430 hp. I do have the spacer on. .....Mike

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