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Guide to Opening Stuck Shark Hoods

Jun 5, 2001
Northern Virginia
71 Conv. (Sold) / 98 Pewter Coupe (Sold)
I found this great link on Mid-America's website with detailed instructions and pictures for popping the hood on a C3 when the latch breaks or just won't work.

There have been a few threads on this topic but none with pictures. I already printed it and filed it away hoping to never have to use it. If I had this a few months back, it would have saved my neighbor and me a lot of trouble w/ his 72(78 front clip).
Thanks for the tip and congratulations on your new job as Community Moderator... Your DA MAN !!!!!

Thanks Roy! :D

That won't work for a 74 either, best advice I can give you is run some picture wire to the release and tuck it a away in the wiper area or down the fender just in case! PG.

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